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Emily Forbes
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Emily Forbes loved to go to her dentist, Frank Graves. She was missing most of her front teeth and loved to brush what she has left.

As a mean joke, her brother Mark told her that their parents and Dr. Graves had decided to pull all of her teeth out at her next appointment. Emily was terrified by this news, and is compounded when Mark told her that she couldn't say anything to her parents; otherwise she might have to go to the hospital.

When she went to see Dr. Graves the next day, she was astonished when Dr. Graves didn't pull all of her teeth out. The good doctor was astounded that she would even think such a thing, and asked her why. She then confessed to him about what Mark told her. After Dr. Graves assured her that she had nothing to be afraid of, they came up with a plan to give Mark a taste of his own medicine.


See Forbes family

Emily Forbes was the daughter of Bob and Jean Forbes and the younger sister of Mark Forbes.


Emily Forbes: Frisky doesn't go to the dentist.
Jean Forbes: That's because he's a dog, sweetie. Uh, Bob, why don't dogs go to the dentist?

#8: “Dental Dilemma”


Emily Forbes is voiced by Sage Bolte, has appeared in 2 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 80%.