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Information.png Dan Daventry is one of 2,436 characters who have only appeared in one episode. Not much information may be available about him or her.

Dan Daventry
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Dan is the health inspector. Everyone thinks he is the inspector for Home and Country Magazine to decide if Odyssey fits the requirements for The Best Small Town. The real inspector is Jill (b).



Bart Rathbone: How are yous today?
Dan Daventry: Just fine.
Bart Rathbone: Lot o' weather we been havin' lately.
Dan Daventry: Yeah, I suppose so.
Bart Rathbone: Hey, uh speakin' o' dat, are you the inspector?
Dan Daventry: What?

#632: “Suspicious Finds”

Bart Rathbone: Health?
Edwin Blackgaard: And safety?
Dan Daventry: Inspector, right! I inspect buildings for health and safety! I've been checking all the buildings in Odyssey! And I don't mind saying that you've got a death trap for a store, Mr. Rathbone! Missing support beams, corrosive rust...
Bart Rathbone: Wait just a minute here!
Edwin Blackgaard: Well, inspector or not, there's still no excuse for sleeping through my performance!
Dan Daventry: On a couch placed in a position that clearly impedes easy access to the fire escapes! And I have a few other notes about the condition of the stage—the light rigging, the wiring... shall I go on?
Edwin Blackgaard: Oh... no need. I should have expected this from a fan of the Three Stooges.

#632: “Suspicious Finds”


Dan Daventry is voiced by Phil Crowley, has appeared in 1 episode, and has received an average user rating of 92%.