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Captain Richard Quinn
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Captain Quinn is the head of the Odyssey Police Department.



Captain Richard Quinn: We just got word that some kid was seen running through the exhibit soon after the bomb went off. He's about 5'8",with curly blonde hair and a green T-shirt that says "I love my barking tree frog".
Nick Mulligan: What?
Sgt. Beverly Collins: I think we've got a suspect. I'll get back to you. Over and out. Nick!

#548: “Sounds Like a Mystery”

Martin Franklin Johns: I haven't done anything. You have me confused with someone else. What's the charge?
Captain Richard Quinn: Suspicion of armed robbery and kidnapping.
Martin Franklin Johns: No way! It's a case of, you know, mistaken identity.

#311: “The Perfect Witness, Part 3”

Captain Richard Quinn: So where's the statue now?
Rodney Rathbone: Right over there.
John Whittaker: What?
Rodney Rathbone: I was using it to hold up the antenna on my TV!

#548: “Sounds Like a Mystery”

Alice Funderburk: How fast can this squad car go? Ever gone over 200?
Captain Richard Quinn: Oh no. There's never much need to drive fast around Odyssey.
Alice Funderburk: So do I get a piece?
Captain Richard Quinn: A what?
Alice Funderburk: A fire arm, a gun. You gonna give me a gun?

#643: “Kidsboro, Part 1”

Captain Richard Quinn: One thing you should know, Mr. Dern, is that the fellow who planted that bomb did it to protest your program.
Bryan Dern: Oh. Well, it's nice to know I'm popular.

#223: “Real Time”

Eugene Meltsner: Then I shall apply all my faculties to help form a solution!
Captain Richard Quinn: Hmmm. Think about it too, please.

#311: “The Perfect Witness, Part 3”

Captain Richard Quinn: Have you ever thought of working for the police, Eugene?
Eugene Meltsner: What does it pay?
Captain Richard Quinn: You can't afford the pay cut.

#309: “The Perfect Witness, Part 1”

Captain Richard Quinn: Come on, Marty, gimme a break!
Martin Franklin Johns: Martin.

#311: “The Perfect Witness, Part 3”


Captain Richard Quinn is voiced by Kenneth Mars, has appeared in 7 episodes.

Captain Richard Quinn has been mentioned in 2 episodes.