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Website Name
Campbell County
Date Founded
Tue Oct 06, 2009
Founder/Main People
Regis Blackbeard

Campbell County Message Boards was started in October of 2009. It is a site that is for young and old members alike to discsuss anything from AIO to computers to God. However, it is mainly centered around AIO.


Campbell County is currently administrated by the Founders and a group of CEO's. This group of CEO's was picked by Bren and consists of six users. There is also the County Tech, there is currently only one member of the County Tech. The County Tech helps out with tech side of the board, along with Eugene.

  • Founder: Bren, Eugene
  • CEO's: Shtakji, RyanCummings, Blitz, Stella C, Wakko, Yelsew
  • County Tech: Mr. Whit's End

Elected Admins

Campbell County used to have an election system to determine the administrators. Because of lack of enthusiasm no teams made enough money to qualify for an election. When it was the election system this is how it worked. Though it started out as two months, every four months members would select fellow members run for the privilege of being and elected official, giving him or her administrative privileges. In turn, moderators are then selected by the elected administrator help keep the site tidy. Campbell County now has a city council which is explained more below.

The history of the leadership is as follows:

  • Term VIII: New form of leadership includes Nate Maxwellas Community Relations Director Rose As Treasurer and KF as Technician with Eugene.


Another great aspect of interest in each term is that to see if each elected admin gives power to its own "Police Force," or team of moderators, serving for the same term as themselves.

The list of police officers for each term is as follows:

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6 Term 7 Term 8

There were no moderators this term

  • Marvin DeSanchez
  • Officer David Harley
  • Chelsey (Danielle Alexis Maxwell)
  • Sapphire Von Trapp
  • Connie
  • Marvin DeSanchez
  • ricrocflow (ric)
  • Agent 2362
  • Marvin Washington (Marvin W.)
  • The King s Daughter

There were no moderators this term

There were no moderators this term

  • CD333
  • Captain Torrent

Admin Name History


  • Mr.Lumpy
  • Jason
  • Eagle's Pride
  • Mashed Potatoes- Thanksgiving '10
  • The Stiletto
  • Jason- Current name


  • Regis- Current name
  • Bright- Christmas Season '09
  • Chocolate- Valentine's Season '10
  • Max
  • Turkey- Thanksgiving season '10
  • Buck
  • The Kings Son
  • Miguel

Campbell County in 2012

The newest phase of CC began in June of 2012 when Regis, the founder, relaunched it. Though the message board is quite a bit smaller than it used to be, the members there have kept it functioning quite well. Several features are the return of CC blogs and story arcs, as well as the different groups for different people of different age, gender, interests, etc. One of the projects of this phase of Campbell County is to compile all the Adventures in Odyssey sites ever made.


A Look at Year One on CC

Old Logos