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Information.png Brenda Perry is one of 793 characters who have appeared in fewer than six episodes. Not much information may be available about him or her.

Brenda Perry
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Was once in a pen-pal relationship with Thor Douglas


Glenn Perry (brother)


Brenda Perry: So, how's The Good Samaritan coming?
Charles Thompson: He's purple.
Brenda Perry: What?
Charles Thompson: He was a grape-flavored Popsicle. But I figure, he'd be pretty purple anyways after getting beat up.

#343: “The Pretty Good Samaritan”

Unknown: Who did your makeup here, honey?
Brenda Perry: The photography place.
Unknown: I oughta hire them to do the spackling work in my basement.

#349: “Blessings in Disguise”

Brenda Perry: Twins?
Glenn Adams: Ah, you noticed the resemblance, too.

#349: “Blessings in Disguise”


Brenda Perry is voiced by Jennifer Day, has appeared in 3 episodes, and has received an average user rating of {{#w4grb_cat_rating:Episodes with Brenda Perry}}%.