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Information.png Andrew Drevil is one of 793 characters who have appeared in fewer than six episodes. Not much information may be available about him or her.

Andrew Drevil
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Andrew appears to have a stalker type personality as he resorted to various crimes in order to find out details about Alicia Jennings personal life. As part of his punishment against her for rejecting his advances he made her a part of the plot in robbing the bank. However, it can be assumed he is intelligent enough to have not only made Alicia uncomfortable simply out of revenge but to have used her as a decoy.


Andrew is a janitor at City Hall. He is also one of the owners of Dredlocks Programming and Software. Andrew and his father, Oliver Drevil, tried to rob Odyssey Bank, but were stopped by Eugene Meltsner and Whit.


See Drevil family

His father is Oliver Drevil. Andrew had a major crush on Alicia Jennings.


Andrew Drevil: I'm sorry to bother you again, but were any of you guys in the clock tower just now?
Eugene Meltsner: No, why do you ask?
Andrew Drevil: Because the door to the staircase is standing wide open.
Alicia Jennings: Not again.
Matthew Parker: Whoa, it's freak-out time.

#667: “The Mystery of the Clock Tower, Part 1”


Andrew Drevil is voiced by Micah Cohen, has appeared in 2 episodes, and has received an average user rating of {{#w4grb_cat_rating:Episodes with Andrew Drevil}}%.