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Abraham Darrow
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Abraham Darrow was a history specialist. His job was to travel around the country to different recreated historical villages and be sure they were totally and completely historically accurate. Everything from the type of oil in the lamps to the things the actors had in their pockets, to the things and news the actors talked about, to the things they ate and wore, to their occupations and jobs they had around the house to anything and everything in the recreated society - it all had to be historically accurate. If it wasn't, "Don't you see? You're mocking history," Darrow would say. He respected history, and the people who made it. Darrow wanted the tours of the historical villages to show people what it was like to live in history, so that they too might gain an appreciation for what our nation is, and how it became that way.

Because of his desire to preserve history, he was willing to do whatever it took for as long as necessary to get his actors to reenact their parts correctly. He would dirty a clean chimney, just so the actors would learn how to clean one up. He would make the actors sleep on corn husks to show them what an 1800's night sleep was like. But he was not always this way. Once his actors learned their parts, he would loosen up and hang out with them while the tours were closed. However, he only did this for a small amount of time before he moved on to his next project at a different village.

Even though he was tough on his actors at first, they soon learned that they must trust and do what he says. And eventually, they also gained a love and respect for history.



Abraham Darrow: Don’t you see what you're doing? You’re mocking history! And you're mocking everyone who walks through that door when you do!

#633: “License to Deprive”

Abraham Darrow: Ed, tell me about the Black Hawk War.
Ed Washington: <stammering> It was... awful... lots of fighting.
Abraham Darrow: It hasn’t happened yet!
Ed Washington: Man!
Abraham Darrow: Keep studying.

#633: “License to Deprive”

Abraham Darrow: I think history deserves to be treated well.
Marvin Washington: What do you mean?
Abraham Darrow: This is how people lived their lives! They worked, they suffered, they made a home for themselves! They made a country for us! We’ve forgotten that. People nowadays, they — they know instant cash machines, and video games, and television, and eight-hour workdays! I respect history, and the people who made it.

#633: “License to Deprive”


Abraham Darrow is voiced by Jeff Doucette, has appeared in 1 episode, and has received an average user rating of 87%.