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Website Name
AIO Writer's Block
Date Founded
October 7, 2020
Founder/Main People
Joshua Mensah-Woode, John Tuttle III


"Home of the SONN, along with reviews and news."


AIO Writer's Block is a blog run by Don Treply, also known as User:Odyssey&coslmsaga. The blog features a satircal news category called the SONN or Satircal Odyssey News Network, posted regularly by Don and John Tuttle III. It also features "Let's Talk Abouts", which are analyses of various Odyssey subjects, along with episode reactions and reviews. John Tuttle III and theperilouspen13 are featured writers.


Don created The New AIO Blog in October 2020 and made his first post, "My immediate reaction to 'Was Morrie Right'" in response to the ongoing buzz around the message of The Rydell Revelations, Part 3 and Michael LaFaver's interviews with Phil Lollar. Don liked what he'd done, and he continued with a post named Club vs. Radio, where he compared the AIO Club to listening on the radio. After making subsequent posts, Let's Talk About Characters: Connie was posted and given positive feedback. Don continued to make Let's Talk Abouts and other posts. He created a guest post with John Tuttle III, and John became a frequent guest and writer. A full history of the website was released on the website's anniversary on October 7, 2021.


After a few months, Don changed the blog. He changed the name, added a new logo, and made other small tweaks. On January 1, 2021, he unveiled AIO Writer's Block, where the blog is now.


The blog currently has about 100 posts, including SONN posts, The Jillian Series, and The Novacom Series, a study about the effect of the Novacom arc. The most popular post is "Why 'Jillson' is Literally the Worst Ship Ever", written with John Tuttle III.