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Dr. Bluegaard listens to
Adventures in Odyssey.

24 Dr. Bluegaard is 24 years, 1 months, and 8 days old
as of October 15, 2018.

I have been listening to Adventures in Odyssey since I was in second grade. After losing interest (well not really "interest", more like not realizing how big the world of Odyssey really was, thinking that there were only 5 or 6 seasons) for a while I have now resumed listening to them, and much more frequently than before. I am working on collecting the whole series, and luckily since I have started recently, have been able to get the new cover art for most of them. I obsessively correct grammatically incorrect errors, and I'm sorry in advance if I hurt somebody's feelings, but please don't hound me for overlooking something either. I am pretty knowledgeable about computers, but wiki stuff is like a different language, so bear with me if I can't make myself useful and help with your massive undertakings. I am now a member at the ToO (as of 7-8-09), and my name there is Dr. Bluegaard also.

My favorite episodes

Eugene's Search for his Father saga

Rumor Has It


Do or Diet

Lights Out at Whit's End was, well... interesting. Needless to say, hopefully Tom Riley's fallback job has nothing to do with a recording contract in the R&B industry