Reggie Fingers

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Reggie Fingers
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Reggie is a career criminal loyal to Mr. Grote. He can be ruthless when it comes to extracting information, threatening to torture people if the information isn't volunteered willingly. He also has a tendency to get irritated when Jason rambles about things.


Reggie was a career criminal and the owner of a restaurant in London, "Reggie Fingers' Fish'n'Chips." He served as a key ally for Mr. Grote's evil schemes.


His family is never mentioned although it is known that his family has owned a fish and chips business for several years.


Reggie Fingers: The Grinder. What kinda name is that? Is that something you do with your teeth? Or with your finger nails, or with other people?
Jason Whittaker: I used to have a dancing monkey in the street. Grinder. Get it?

“The Labyrinth, Part 1”


Reggie Fingers is voiced by Darren Richardson, has appeared in 3 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 92.7%.