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This page lists past contests that we've held on AIOWiki.

General Contests


Voting Information

For the first round, many users will vote on their favorite logo submitted to the 2011 Logo Contest. After that, the top three will be taken to the second and final round where the logo for 2012 will be chosen. The first round of voting will end on February 21, 2012, and the second round will begin shortly after that, having a final conclusion date of March 21, 2012.

Round One

Round Two

The top three logos have been taken from the results of the first round of voting for the final round! Pick your favorite to decide on the final logo for this year.

<qpoll id=Logo_contest_2011_round2> {Voting |layout="proposals transpose" type="()"} | Eugene 1 | Eugene 2 | Mrs. Reddo 2 | Pick one </qpoll

Plot Writing Contest
Information.png This contest has not yet started and this page is for draft purposes only
Writing contest page.png

In the nearly 5 years that Adventures in Odyssey Wiki has been online, it has grown to over 2000 content articles; the thousands of people that visit AIO Wiki daily have found that it's certainly an excellent resource for information on Adventures in Odyssey. Despite the thousands of articles, there are few which contain more than 100 words. Unfortunately, many episodes, videos, and books still have absolutely nothing in the "Plot" section. During the next few months, we will be campaigning to vastly expand the actual content on all of our pages. To kick start this campaign, we're excited to announce that we'll be giving away a free copy of Album 53: The Green Ring Conspiracy to the writer who can finish summarizing the most episodes, videos, and books during the allotted time period.


In April 2011 we had a crossword puzzle contest with the first 3 correct submissions receiving a free copy of Album 53.

Mystery Contest

In February 2011 we held a contest where visitors had to search through the news page and find strings of binary text, then take what they found and find the meaning behind the words and what it had to do with Album 53, winners received a copy of Album 52.


How well do you know Album 51

In November 2010 we held the "How well do you know Album 51?" contest. For this contest there was a list of 11 questions each one with the answer being an episode in 51, then you were asked to submit the episode that was NOT an answer to the questions given. The winners received their choice of Album 52 or the Novacom Saga.

Album 52 Giveaway

From September 7, 2010 to September 17, 2010 we held a draw to win a copy of Album 52 or the Novacom saga. Anyone could enter but the more questions you answered correctly the better your chance of winning.

New logo 2009.png

In the summer of 2009 AIOWiki, The Odyssey Scoop and The Unofficial Podcast teamed up to bring you the Ultimate Passages Fan Scavenger Hunt. The winner received a copy of Passages: Darien's Rise.

Logo Contests

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