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Information.png Patrick is one of 799 characters who have appeared in fewer than six episodes. Not much information may be available about him or her.

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St. Patrick was a sacred priest, known for his witnessing to the Druids in Ireland.


At the age of 16, Patrick was taken prisoner by a group of Irish raiders who were attacking his family's estate and was transported to Ireland, where he spent six years in captivity. During this time, he worked as a shepherd, outdoors and away from people; lonely and afraid, he turned to God for solace and became a devout Christian.

After more than six years as a prisoner, Patrick escaped. God gave him a vision, telling him it was time to leave Ireland, and Patrick walked nearly 200 miles from County Mayo, where it is believed he was held, to the Irish coast. After escaping to Britain, Patrick reported that he experienced a second revelation—an angel in a dream told him to return to Ireland as a missionary. Soon after, Patrick began religious training, a course of study that lasted more than 15 years. After his ordination as a priest, he was sent to Ireland with a dual mission: to minister to Christians already living in Ireland and to begin to convert the Irish.

Familiar with the Irish language and culture, Patrick chose to incorporate traditional rituals into his lessons of Christianity instead of attempting to eradicate native Irish beliefs; although there were some Christians in Ireland when Patrick arrived, most of the native Irish practiced nature-based paganism. For example, he used bonfires in celebration of Easter because the Irish were used to honoring their gods with fire, and he superimposed a sun, a powerful Irish symbol, onto the Christian cross to create what is now called a Celtic cross, so that veneration of the symbol would seem more natural to the Irish. The Irish culture centered around a rich tradition of oral legend and myth, and it is, therefore, no surprise that the story of Patrick's life became exaggerated over the centuries—spinning exciting tales to remember history has always been a part of the Irish way of life.


At 16, he had a mother, a father, and a grandfather. His mother wasn't heard from after he returned to his home.


  • St. Patrick's first given name was actually Maewyn Succat, so says legend. He did not receive the name "Patrick" until becoming a bishop in the English Church: during St. Patrick's time, a person's given name had to be changed when becoming a bishop under English Law. The episodes starring St. Patrick gave the false impression of his name always being Patrick, even at childhood.


John Whittaker: Patrick had to obey God. To disobey would have compromised his faith.
Patrick: [We are] Emissaries of the Lord Jesus Christ.

#395: “Patrick: A Heart Afire, Part 2”

Patrick: Am I a piece of meat that you think you can simply pass around?!
Mieclu: In fact boy, you are.

#394: “Patrick: A Heart Afire, Part 1”


Patrick has appeared in 2 episodes, has been voiced by 2 actors.

All (2)  · Pete Reneday (1998)  · Chad Reisser (1998)