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This pages lists various passwords used on Adventures in Odyssey.


Password Episode Reference Purpose
Destruct #84: “The Battle, Part 2” Richard Maxwell tells Regis Blackgaard that "Destruct" is the password to Whit's Applesauce program. In reality, this password destroys Blackgaard's Castle.
MilkAndEggs #458: “Red Herring” "MilkAndEggs" is the password Rachel Jefferson used to gain access to personnel files at Campbell College, and which Alex Jefferson and Cal Jordan use to try to find out information on Eugene Meltsner.
Red Herring #458: “Red Herring” "Red Herring" is a "Level 4" password provided by AREM to Alex and Cal to access records at Campbell College.
Nova Rising #460: “Nova Rising” "Nova Rising" allowed Alex and Cal to access the "Special Projects" section of the Novacom website information, which contained information about the Radio wave study.
Butter #481: “Grand Opening, Part 1” "Butter" allows Alex and Cal to gain access to the security cameras at Whit's End (Connellsville).
Bluegill #482: “Grand Opening, Part 2” "Bluegill" is a Level 4 password provided by AREM to Cal and Sarah Prachett to download the "Report" file in the RWS subdirectory on the Campbell College website.
Applesauce #499: “Exit” Tom Riley used "Applesauce" to destroy the Imagination Station.
3-18-99 #547: “No Way In” "3-18-99" is the combination for Ernest McAlister's master safe in the house now belonging to the Washingtons.