Kay Winters

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Kay Winters
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She is the mother of Monica Winters.


She insisted that Monica act much older than her 11 years, and wouldn’t let Monica play or swim with the other girls. She bought Monica makeup and the latest teenage fashions. She placed her daughter on diets — all to try and mold her into a model child.

Monica didn’t like all those restrictions, but she had too much respect for (and fear of) her mother to rebel. But when Monica couldn’t fit into the dress her mother had bought her for the beauty contest, she ran away to the forest, where Melanie and Ann found her. Monica was devastated — she knew her mother would be angry that she couldn’t lose enough weight to wear the dress.

Ann and Melanie started to take her back to town when Monica collapsed; they rushed her to the hospital. Later, Monica and her mother both got counseling help.


Kay Winters is voiced by Barbara Hallis, has appeared in 1 episode, and has received an average user rating of 90%.