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Joanne Allen
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Joanne Judith Allen (née Woodston) first came to Odyssey just after Whit returned from the Middle East. She wanted Whit to take a position with the Missions Board that would require him to go around and check up on projects the Missions Board was working on. While she was in Odyssey, she fell in love with Jack Allen. They were married by George Barclay and settled together permanently in Odyssey, purchasing an antique store from Margaret Faye and renaming it J and J Antiques (#374: “For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll, Part 3”).

Joanne traveled on a road/business trip to Virginia with Connie in late 2003. During the trip, she provided support and counsel to Connie during the end of Connie's relationship with Mitch.

After an extended absence following the second AIO hiatus, she later showed up in #717: “Great Expectations” and then again in #724: “Home Again, Part 1” to announce that she was selling the antique shop and retiring to Scotland with Jack. She and Jack finally sold the shop to Jason.


After Jack proposed to her, Joanne joked that she would have to ask her parents before she married him (#373: “For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll, Part 2”).

Friends and Personal life

When Joanne was a kid, she was nicknamed Jo and went to camp with Agnes Riley, Tom Riley's wife. The two became friends who would reunite every few years afterward (#512: “The Pact, Part 2”).

Joanne worked at a diner for some time (#512: “The Pact, Part 2”). However, Joanne was later a missionary in many places, and was even a trained nurse and midwife (#608: “Run-of-the-Mill Miracle”). She has also served on the Missions Board. Joanne knew Thelma Meltsner because she worked at the pregnancy center in Chicago when Thelma was pregnant with Eugene and had gone there because Leonard was unhappy about Thelma being pregnant (even discreetly suggesting abortion) (#621: “A New Era, Part 3”).

Joanne is a sweet lady whose innocent charm is the perfect complement to Jack’s gentle nature.


Joanne has not been heard in any episodes since the death of her original voice actress Janet Waldo, who passed away on June 12, 2016 (the same year that Jack's actor Alan Young also passed away).


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Joanne Allen has appeared in 28 episodes, has been voiced by 3 actors, and has received an average user rating of 93%.

All (28)  · Janet Waldo (1996-2012)  · Lauren Summers (2003)  · Wendy Schaal (2003)

Joanne Allen has been mentioned in 18 episodes.