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Jaysha Patel
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Jaysha Patel has played one minor character. This brilliant young actress has been in a major film produced by C.O films. The movie is called "Crossing Over", and Jaysha Patel plays the sister of a young Indian women who has been deported back to India. In the scene where her "sister" is leaving, Jaysha Patel exhibited emotion and displays all the signs of a developing and promising young actress. Jaysha Patel is not just a young thriving actress in the Hollywood business, she is active compassionate young woman and has traveled to numerous countries to help the less fortunate. For example, this Summer she is going to 2 major countries that need young driven, motivated and passionate volunteers to work with the young orphans. Patel will be in China and India this Summer. Her Laugh Out Loud, stand up comedian videos helps to portray her bubbly personality.

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