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I just ordered six new albums, all six passages books, and Answer That! Adventures in Odyssey Edition. The albums include: The Lost Episodes, On Thin Ice, Beyond Expectations, The Search for Whit, The Sky's the Limit, and The Truth Chronicles. I can't wait until all my new Odyssey stuff arrives in about two weeks!

About Me

I discovered Odyssey in the summer of 2008 at a christian camp in Alberta. I have enjoyed Odyssey episodes before that but I bought my first album there and fell in love with it. I have since added 5 albums and the Official Guide to my collection.
I really like the early episodes but I would have to say my favorite episodes are the ones with Dr. Blackgaard. My most favorite characters from the first episodes are Eugene and Connie (hence my username).


Adventures in Odyssey (of course), Books, Animals, Nature, Computers, Painting, Art, Music, Family, The Bible, Lego, Drawing, Creating, Designing, and God!

The ToO

On the Town of Odyssey message boards I am also known as Eugene. There I am the head editor of the Candid Conversations newspaper.


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