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Here is my timeline for mixing the Club episodes in with the normal episodes in a way that makes sense.

Some goals I had were to spread the missions episodes out, & to spread the story episodes out. (Like "In a Kingdom Far Away" and "Drake the Cosmic Copper") Before, I had 743-744: Mission: Unaccomplished, Parts 1-2 after "Pinocchio", but then I realized that those episodes take place in the summer, and a few episodes later, there is Christmas, which doesn't make sense. Also, I decided that there were too many missions episodes, too close together, and "Mission: Unaccomplished, Parts 1-2" feel out of place because Matthew's voice is so different, so I took them out. I will update this list occasionally, as new episodes are released, and I figure out where episodes need to go. What do you think? Please put any comments or questions on the talk page. User:AIOrocks101/OAC Episode Timeline (talk) 18:38, 6 March 2017 (MST)