The Great Wishy Woz, Part 1

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#453: “The Great Wishy Woz, Part 1”
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The Great Wishy Woz, Part 1
“The Great Wishy Woz, Part 1” is episode #453 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by John Fornof, and originally aired on October 28, 2000.


Kids' Radio features a story about a young girl named Dotty who is transported to a strange land.


The Great Wishy Woz.PNG

KIDS Radio presents a familiar story with a new twist. After being thrown into a new land by a tornado, Dotty and her dog Nono try their best to get back home and meet many new friends along the way, including Manny Kin (played by Tom Riley), Metal Guy (played by Bernard Walton), and Mystic Mountain Lion (played by Jack Allen). They follow the "Big Fat Road"; from Little Land to the Really, Really Green and Environmentally Correct City. There the Great Wishy Woz sends them on a quest to four items. They face dangers from the Wicked and Mean and Generally Not Very Nice Woman, rusty hinges, and even burnt fur! Will they make it back to the Wishy Woz and get their wishes granted?

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Discussion Questions

  1. What was Manny Kin looking for on his quest?
  2. How about Metal Guy?
  3. And Mystic Mountain Lion?
  4. The Fairy Oddmother told Dotty that she should follow the Big Fat Road. Was that good advice?
  5. Why do you think that she didn't want Dotty talking to the fisherman?


Role Voice Actor
John Whittaker Paul Herlinger
Mandy Straussberg Aria Curzon
Dotty Aria Curzon
Aunt Bea Katie Leigh
Louie Little Steve Bridges
Fairy Oddmother Chris Anthony
Wicked and Mean and Generally Not Very Nice Woman Chris Anthony
Tom Riley Walker Edmiston
Manny Kin Walker Edmiston
Bernard Walton Dave Madden
Metal Guy Dave Madden
Jack Allen Alan Young
Mystic Mountain Lion Alan Young
Great Wishy Woz Corey Burton
Fisherman Corey Burton


  • The whole episode is a parody of 'The Wizard of Oz." (e.g. Dotty is Dorthy, Nono is Toto, Little Land is Munchkin Land, etc.)
  • The Great Wishy Woz was unique in many ways, especially since it was a musical. John Beebee wrote the song lyrics and came up with the tunes. He then sang them for John Campbell over the phone, who scored the songs and provided scratch tracks, or tapes of the music for the actors to practice with ahead of time.
  • This show was John Beebee's directorial debut.
  • VERSION DIFFERENCE: This show was more than eleven minutes over the broadcast time and so significant cuts had to be made. In part one, we lost a section of dialog where the Fairy Oddmother tried to give Dotty some glass slippers for her trip before she realized that it was the wrong story, Mystic Mountain Lion nearly hyperventilated when he realized that he wasn't scary, and Metal Guy had quite a few more smart remarks. However, a few scenes were able to remain intact for the album version, but had to be cut from the broadcast version. These included extended laugh scenes in Little Land, a full version of Follow the Big Fat Road by the Littles. It also included more jokes by the Fairy Oddmother and a few more lines in the scenes where Metal Guy and Mystic Mountain Lion are introduced.
  • This episode is a musical and includes these songs:
  • The name Aunt Bea is a reference to the character of the same name on the Andy Griffith show, on which Hal Smith played Otis.
  • Metal Guy's line "I'm looking for love -- in all the wrong places apparently," is a reference to the Johnny Lee song "Lookin' for Love".
  • Though Mandy's family was still very much intact at this time in AIO, the premise of Dotty's parents divorcing foreshadowed the trouble Mandy's parents would go through later on.


Dotty: Oh! How Curious!
Metal Guy: Now isn't that just peachy keen. So I'm a road-side curiosity now, huh?

Mystic Mountain Lion: And so, my question this ponder; what is truth? For truth, truly true truth, is found in the cow, in the strawberry, and the giant tooky-tooky bird. In all of us is found truth. In our left earlobe, it is found. In our bellybutton, it is found.
Metal Guy: Alright already! Can we talk about something more pleasant? Like maybe in-grown toenails?

Great Wishy Woz: Silence! I am the Great Wishy Woz! And you are little pip-squeaks.

Metal Guy: I'm looking for love. In all the wrong places, apparently.

Manny Kin: I don't have a brain in my head. See?
Dotty: Oh my, you don't?
Manny Kin: Nope. Some people are out of their mind, but my mind is out of me.

Manny Kin: One day? Well that's only 22 hours. I don't know how we're gonna do it!