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Below is a compilation of possible references made to the book and movie The Princess Bride.

Episode References

Episode Reference
#144: “Someone to Watch Over Me” Jimmy Barclay and Nagle fight the Dread Pirate Grimbeard; The Princess Bride contains "the Dread Pirate Roberts".
#291: “A Name, Not a Number, Part 2” The scene at midnight at the gazebo is a play off a scene from the movie Princess Bride, in which Wesley mentions that he and Vizzini, who has Princess Buttercup, Wesley's love, at swordpoint, are "at an impasse". This happens similarly in the episode. Jason is the counterpart of Wesley, Mustafa is the counterpart of Vizzini, and Tasha is the counterpart of Princess Buttercup. Jason uses the word impasse to describe his relationship with Mustafa at that moment.
#331: “Checkmate” Regis Blackgaard's line to Philip Glossman about speaking slowly and using small words is a reference to a similar line in the movie.
#622: “B-TV: Temptation” King Solomon and Priscilla's wedding is conducted by a man who says "Mawwige is what bwings us together today. Mawwige that…" This is a direct reference to a scene in both the book and the movie.
#411: “In All Things Give Thanks” Mr. Benteen told Lisa Mulligan, "As you wish". This phrase is used in The Princess Bride.
#733: “Big Trouble Under the Big Top” Five of the circus performers are named for Princess Bride characters that include Vizzini and Wesley.
#781: “Out of the Woods” Wooton mentions "Rodents Of Unusual Size" like the ones featured in the book and the movie.