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This article is about the radio station. For the episode, see Kids' Radio.
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Kids’ Radio
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KYDS Kids' Radio is a radio station run out of Whit's End.



The slogan is "created for kids by kids." While it doesn't necessarily broadcast continually it has been used to tell many stories. A few of the broadcasted shows have included The Twilife Zone (a parody of The Twilight Zone), The Jimmy Barclay Show, Candid Conversations with Connie, "Ask Mitch", (later changed to "Ask Doctor Wise") and O.T. Action News.

The idea behind KYDS "Kids Radio" began in episode #36: “Kids' Radio”. Brad Dillard, a local youth, convinces Whit to allow him to use some old equipment at "Whit's End" to produce a radio station for kids' programming. Though many of the children of Odyssey express interest, Brad cannot convince enough others to actually work on the production. Brad's father, seeing his son overworked, asks Whit to discontinue the station's operation, and he sadly does so.

However, Whit decided the idea was a good one, and in episodes #114: “The Big Broadcast”, and #141: “Over the Airwaves”, he reintroduces "Kids Radio" as a medium for conveying biblical truths to the children of Odyssey.

"Kids' Radio" is an interesting plot device, as it plays into AIO in numerous, but very different, ways. For instance, several episodes of AIO are nothing more than a half-hour length "Kids' Radio" program. Usually, the AIO episode begins as normal, after which a character (usually Connie Kendall) introduces the "Kids' Radio" program to Odyssey residents. In this way, real listeners skip through the Odyssey fictional universe and enter a second-layer fictional universe, such as The Twilife Zone, a "Kids' Radio" program. (For example, the pilot episode for The Twilife Zone is the only content of episode #288: “The Twilife Zone”.) Actress Katie Leigh portrays Connie Kendall's wrap-around of the broadcast of The Twilife Zone, as well as Rodlyn Serly, the host of The Twilife Zone who is fictional even in Odyssey. Thus, with these programs, there is a double-layer of fiction.

Other AIO episodes contain "Kids' Radio" programs, but from the perspective of the Odyssey fictional universe. For example, episode #294: “Unto Us a Child Is Born”, concerns the play-writing, directing, recording, and live-radio drama on "Kids Radio" (live in the Odyssey fictional universe, not in reality). The same is the case with episodes of Candid Conversations with Connie, sports programs, and others.

It is implied that "Kids' Radio" is not in continual live broadcast, as characters sometimes use the studio (located in Whit's End) to conduct private conversations, as in episodes #488, #489, #335 & #336, "Under the Influence, Parts 1 & 2, and "Love is in the Air, Parts 1 & 2".

In The Holy Hoopster a new "Odyssey Owl Radio Network" is mentioned. Judging from the fact Whit is co-host it's possible this is a collaboration between Odyssey Middle School and KYDS.

Shows on Kids' Radio

The Jimmy Barclay Show

Main article: The Jimmy Barclay Show.

The Jimmy Barclay Show was what Whit was letting Jimmy broadcast on "K-Y-D-S Kid's Radio". Though he started out innocent, a meeting with "Cryin' Brian Dern" soon changed that. After that, Jimmy recorded an embarrassing conversation between Whit and Eugene where Eugene told Whit that he didn't have a license. Jimmy soon broadcast clips of that conversation on air, and Whit shut him off, scolding him for what he did. Later, as Jimmy was walking, he hears Brian Dern on the radio making fun of him on the radio. Turns out, Dern recorded his and Jimmy's conversation, too. Later, Whit goes to Dern's station. Dern thought Whit was going to yell at him, but was pleasantly surprised to hear Whit thank him, because in Whit's view, Dern taught Jimmy a good lesson the hard way. This is all explained in A Tongue of Fire.


  • In The Curse it is mentioned that a radio station in Connelsville made a deal with Whit to broadcast some of the content on Kid's Radio.




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