Ethan Daniels

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Ethan Daniels
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Ethan Daniels, voiced by Kevin McCreary, is the fictional host of The Ceiling Fan. Ethan Daniels is your typical 15-year-old Adventures in Odyssey fan...meaning he is everything but your typical 15-year-old. When he was younger, his grandmother bought him a kids meal at Chick-fil-A, which contained his first exposure to Adventures in Odyssey. From that moment on, Ethan began proclaiming himself as the biggest fan of the show, or, "the biggest Odyssey fan." At the age of 14, Ethan discovered the avenue of podcasting. He knew that this was the only way he would have the chance to proclaim to the world the truth about his fandom. Ethan is known for his undying crush on longtime Odyssey voice actress Katie Leigh. He also has a tendency to be a bit overbearing. When he grows up, Ethan hopes to be a voice actor and play kids voices on the world's #1 audio drama... Adventures in Odyssey of course!