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Curt Stevens
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Curt Stevens, voiced by Fabio Stephens, is an early Adventures in Odyssey character who first appeared in #103: “Front Page News”. Interestingly, his character's last name was named after the actor Fabio Stephens — although the writers spelled it differently.


In Odyssey Middle School, Curt would often try to get out of gym class because he was sick of running laps. One such scheme was when Curt told Coach Stubbs he had a rare tropical disease. Coach Stubbs sent Curt to the school nurse, who sent Curt to the principal's office; the principal then sent Curt home to his parents, who sent him to his room for a week. Another involved Curt trying to boycott the "fascist left wing competition", as he put it. As a result, Coach Stubbs washed Curt's mouth out with soap.

Family & Home

See Stevens family

Much of Curt's family was revealed in the episode #150: “Home Is Where the Hurt Is”. Curt's mother left him and his father, Frank Stevens, after he was born. As a result, Curt's father became an alcoholic.

Despite this, in #117: “The Trouble with Girls”, Curt said that his mom packed his lunch. This is due to the fact that the episode was a remake of the Harley episode #13: “Bobby's Valentine”, and the original line was carried over.

Curt and his father live in a trailer park at least during Curt's time in Middle School. Their phone number was revealed to be 555-2157.

The Stevens's address, 561 Potter Park, is an allusion to "It's a Wonderful Life". In the film, "Potter's Field" was owned by the rich man, and was known as a slum.


Curt was best friends with Lucy Cunningham-Schultz. In many episodes, Lucy tried to convince Curt to give up on his "schemes". In #638: “The Triangled Web, Part 1”, it was revealed that Lucy and Curt dated throughout high school, and actually were supposed to go to the senior dance together, but he backed out, afraid that Lucy would begin to talk about their "future". In part 2, it is revealed that Curt and Lucy met in the school cafeteria.

Curt and Oscar Peterson were best friends until Curt got him in trouble for Curt's getting out of physed class scheme.


Curt will do almost anything to get out of work. Ironically, he usually puts more effort into a scheme then he would have done by actually doing the work. He also makes bad and/or wrong choices and/or helps others to make the wrong choice.


Curt Stevens: You don't operate on fish do you, Doctor Baker?
Dr. Baker: Sorry, I don't. Unless they have four legs and wear a saddle.
Curt Stevens: Oh, seahorses, huh?

“One Bad Apple”

Curt Stevens: Could you stop by Odyssey Elementary first?
Lucy Cunningham-Shultz: What for?
Curt Stevens: Oh, it's kind of a surprise.
Lucy Cunningham-Shultz: Okay, I'll be there in a few minutes.
Curt Stevens: Okay, I'll bring the dust pan.
Lucy Cunningham-Shultz: Why?
Curt Stevens: Cause you might get swept away.

“The Triangled Web, Part 2”

Curt Stevens: You remember that award-winning article in the Odyssey Times about the embezzling at the Acme Corporation?
Miss Medloff: Yes. You mean you...
Curt Stevens: That's right! I read it.

“Front Page News”

Curt Stevens: And finally as your mayor, I will tighten the belt of our city government around the waist of indifference and reckless bending. So what if I meet up with a few celebrities? Just remember, a penny saved is a penny earned. And the early bird catches the goose that laid the golden egg!

“Mayor for a Day”

Harvey Nelson: It seems as though you're trailing behind two other personalities.
Curt Stevens: Who?
Harvey Nelson: Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein.

“Mayor for a Day”

Curt Stevens: Invite me to the wedding!

“The Trouble with Girls”

Jimmy Barclay: The lawn's on fire! The lawn's on fire! Who's got a fire extinguisher?
Curt Stevens: You were supposed to bring that!
Jimmy Barclay: I knew that!

“The Triangled Web, Part 2”

Curt Stevens: <about Whit’s exposing Phil Phillips for what he really was> Boy! How did you know he was a fake?
John Whittaker: Because a good marketing person has more respect for people’s intelligence — the same with good politicians. And that’s what I was trying to tell you, Curt. Just because you change the name of something, doesn’t mean you change what it really is. You see, my train set is the same train set, whether I called it the Iron Bucket, or something like The Fireball 5000. Fireball 5000 sounds more exciting, but it doesn't really make it a faster train set. It’s all just a name game.
Curt Stevens: Gotcha, Mr. Whittaker.
John Whittaker: A lot of people like to play the name game with other things, too — like doing things that are wrong. They think that by changing the name, it’s not wrong anymore. But a lie is still a lie, even if you try to call it ‘rhetoric’ or ‘campaign promises’. You get my meaning, Curt?
Curt Stevens: Yeah, Mr. Whittaker. I think I’m getting the idea.

“By Any Other Name”

Curt Stevens: It’s like.. like salt on a potato chip. It gives the speech flavor to... taste good.
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: You're making this up!
Curt Stevens: I’m not! Ask any politician. Potato chips always taste better with salt on them.

“By Any Other Name”


Curt Stevens is voiced by Fabio Stephens, has appeared in 14 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 89.3%.


Curt has only been portrayed by early AIO artist Bruce Day, on the cover of albums.