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  • All articles should contain correct spelling, punctuation, capital letters and language structure.
    • All articles should contain US grammar, not British grammar.
  • Articles should be written from a neutral point of view (that is, objective). Pointing out features of the topic of the article is encouraged, but using sentences such as "this forum is the best forum because...." is not. Do not add personal opinions.
  • A subject should be linked once upon its first appearance in the article's infobox, once upon its first mention in the article's lead section. Any more links to the same article are not permitted.
  • Any images placed throughout the article should be of a suitable size and "fit in" well with the rest of the article.
  • An article should begin with an introductory lead section, which does not contain section headings. The remainder is divided into sections, each with a section heading that can be nested in a hierarchy.
  • When an abbreviation is to be used in an article, give the expression in full at first, followed immediately by the abbreviation in parentheses. In the rest of the article the abbreviation can then be used by itself:
Example: Adventures in Odyssey (AIO) is an audio drama. AIO is specifically designed to be a radio show.
  • The first mention of the name of the article should be bolded.
  • Some computer keyboards type the apostrophe character as ' and some type it as ; some can type both. Please use the former for page titles: type Alt + 0146. (Example: Sir Buddy's Snowy Day) An opposite apostrophe () can be obtained with Alt + 0145. (Use the numeric keypad to type them.)
    • Alternately, these special characters can be typed using the box at the bottom of the editing page.

Episode Pages

  • Episode pages consist of summary, plot, discussion questions, characters, quotes, and notes in that order.


  • The episode summary from the Official Guide, the Adventures in Odyssey Club, or is preferred; however, if a custom summary is more useful, type one in.
  • It should be 1 - 2 sentences describing the episode in such a way it doesn't spoil the ending.
  • There should be no images in this section.


  • Plots are intended to be more than a summary.
  • Plots should be several paragraphs.
  • One method is to start a new paragraph per scene.
  • Please add plots for new episodes after they officially air.

Discussion Questions

  • Main questions should be listed with numbers (#)
  • Sub-questions should be listed with a bullet point (*)


Please see Help:Episode Cast.


  • Quotes should be formatted in this manner
|speaker1a= Cory Carper
|quote1a= I still can't think of a good example for a quote.
|speaker1b= Joe Lewis
|quote1b= That is okay, I can't either.
|speaker2a= Cory's dog
|quote2a= WOOF!
  • Quotes should be exact.
  • Use both first and last names for the characters: Ex: Use John Whittaker instead of Whit since Whit redirects to John Whittaker
  • Don't include expressions or explanations. Those type of things can be heard once the listener hears the episode.


  • The notes section should be divided into subsections like Goofs and Trivia, these subsections should have the heading formatted like ;Goofs